The Road To Liberty

Our liberties are being removed at an alarming rate by authoritarian government at the behest of the corrupt two party system.  

In 2019  I quit my comfortable career as an insurance agent to focus all my energy on the liberty movement. Like many of you I have been personally affected by harmful government overreach. I decided to stop taking a beating and to stand up and fight back. 

My wife and I sold most of what we owned and committed our life to the fight for liberty. We decided to get creative, thinking to ourselves how could we accomplish more on less, knowing the massive battle in front of us. We decided to sell most everything we own and to remodel a 28ft travel trailer, now named the "Liberty Wagon" with help from awesome friends and libertarian activists. 

Now we spend our days traveling the nation one town and state at a time looking to empower and inspire others to want and to fight for liberty. We homeschool our young child on the road, my wife works a remote based job and I spend all my time working with libertarian organizations and candidates.

We do outreach to local communities as we travel, talking about self ownership and volunteerism, providing solutions for every day problems that every day people face caused by the government.

I work with local libertarian affiliates to motivate and activate their chapters. I coach libertarian candidates running for office so that they have the support they need to spread the message of liberty even farther. I give speech's about gun rights and medical freedom. I talk about jury nullification and occupational licensing laws. I work to break ideological barriers regarding the right to travel and work free from government interventions.

Any issue can be a libertarian issue if we look to serve others with knowledge that can free them from failed government power.

The gifts given to my family go directly to keeping us on the road working for freedom and will position us to soon start working on a totally off grid (permit less) homestead that will serve and help many. We look forward to highlighting alternative building methods like hempcrete and earth ship housing, growing food to share with others and embracing volunteerism.
To be in a safe financial position I need to raise $2000 a month and I can continue to spend all my time fighting for liberty for your family as well as mine.

In the meantime we have minimal costs, living a frugal life in campgrounds and a 200sq ft trailer we love as our home.

“Our dream is nothing less THAN a world set free for ALL in our lifetime.” My heart goes out to all those suffering at the hands of harmful authoritarian governments around the world. 

Be Free,