Be Free Candidate Endorsements!

In July 2021 I launched my Be Free The Road To Liberty project, an effort to create liberty where none exists and to be free in spite of government. As part of this project I recently announced my candidate mentoring program aimed at empowering libertarian candidates to run impactful and effective campaigns for public office. I am happy to say the mentoring program is now up and running at full speed. I have identified 5 of the best candidates in the entire nation and began helping them with their efforts to get elected. These are candidates that above all else value liberty for all, reject the establishment status quo and want to retake the freedoms that have been stolen from us. Today I am proud to announce this slate of candidates that I eagerly endorse and am working with to prevent more lockdowns, inflation, wars and growth in government. Please join me in supporting them as you would support me!

These 5 candidates are all staunchly opposed to vaccine mandates, the industrial war complex and support the free markets while opposing crony capitalism. They are active in their communities, compassionate for others and bold in the face of tyranny. They may each be running for a different office and have different platforms or focuses but rest assured, they support YOU having the utmost liberty possible. They need your help though. The fight for liberty is not a one person job. Many of you helped me and now I am helping them. Together we can retake what has been stolen from us. Please join the fight and subscribe to our candidate forum . They need volunteers and you do not need to be local to any certain area to lend a hand. Be sure to check them out and also reach out if you have any questions about their platforms. Dennis Misigoy Eric Parker Travis Johnson Ronald Tracy Robison Robert Klimkowski are good people, fighting for liberty for all of us. Let's show them we appreciate the effort!

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