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Updated: Feb 4

Hello! I am proud to announce my newest project, a candidate mentoring program with a goal of helping libertarian candidates run effective and successful campaigns for public office. The Libertarain party has by far the best ideas in the political world but many times our campaigns come up short of what they could be and what they truly have potential for. The red and blue teams we campaign against often have a leg up for a number of different reasons. The experience, infrastructure, resources and assets the two old parties have make it hard for Libertarians to compete but compete we must.

There is no better time to fight for liberty than now, when the nation is eager to find a better way we can help them find a better path to take. The question is how? How do we make our way down the road to liberty? How do we take our ideas and turn them into credible campaigns for public office? How do we get the rubber to hit pavement on the road to liberty? My professional background is in corporate training and I am also a martial arts coach. I have a love for empowering people to take control over their lives and through teaching and coaching I am able to share my expertise. I have trained 100’s of people in the banking industry, new hires and executives in America and on international projects as well. In my time as a martial arts coach I’ve helped brand new students grow into confident and skilled team members, helping them soar past boundaries they never dreamed possible. I take a technical, detailed, and goal oriented approach merged with the philosophy of why certain things work in my method of training people.

Merging my passions for liberty and empowering others I have created a coaching program for Libertarian candidates with a focus on helping them get from point A to point Z as a candidate for public office. The goal is to help them build and execute the most successful efforts they are capable of so that we can help spread the message for liberty as effectively as possible. I want to share my experience growing the libertarain movement, bring in volunteers, earn voters, earn endorsements, give speeches and media interviews with our candidates. Helping fill the gaps in experience and resources I know I can help our candidates spread the message of liberty in an impactful way.

This is going to entail something a bit different for each as each candidate and each campaign is different. The program will offer weekly coaching calls to the candidate and or their staff and volunteers. Each week we will focus on an area of need based on what the campaign needs to be focused on. By developing action plans, mission statements and goals we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and their team. Helping them build their campaign and being there every step of the way to guide its success and effectiveness. I will provide training to new team members, helping get inexperienced volunteers up to speed. I will provide direct fundraising assistance for the campaign as well as helping teach the candidate how to raise money for their campaign themself. We will identify communication needs, grow social media platforms and help prepare the candidate for interviews and speeches. This effort will be in supplement to their local campaign in effort to help elevate it to new heights by simply being a voice of experience and knowledge whenever the candidate needs.

Here are some exaples of the training packages I will be providing!

This training program is being done entirely on voluntary funding methods, unlike any other consultant in the industry which means we will need your help! I am doing it this way for two reasons, the primary reason is to highlight how voluntary cooperation can help fund projects that people value so that I can help set an example of our libertatian ideas in my daily life. The second is so that our candidates can spend their limited funds on other needs. Simply put I want to help them without adding a bill to their plate because this movement matters the world to me. In the 2022 election cycle I plan to help roughly 10 candidates run their campaigns for no cost to them! This project is going to work similar to a non profit but based all on gifts instead of “donations” and because I will be working as a volunteer and not a business it allows me to avoid paying taxes to the very government we are fighting. This is going to be a fully crowdsourced project, and with your involvement you’d be helping support my family while I spend full time hours volunteering for the candidates that need it most. Help me help you and them! What are we asking? We need your help by signing up to provide financial help to my effort. I must raise a simple $2000 a month to cover my time and efforts ($12.50 an hour on average) and if we can do that I can continue to spend all my time focused on the fight for freedom. This help can come in the form of one time monthly gifts, It can also come in the form of monthly recurring donations or even $500 candidate sponsorships to cover a full 6 months of my direct help.So many of you have helped me in the past and I call on you to help again. I am in this for you, your families, your business and your communities and so are the principled candidates I will be working with. If you have trusted my integrity and unwavering principles in the past I hope you will continue to trust me moving forward. Together we will make a great impact!

To make it even more fun I am releasing a set of gifts to say thank you to anyone that signs up for a monthly gift to me! Everyone that donates will get one of the following

Together we will spread the message of liberty faster and farther. As our rights are eroded at record rates now is the time to put everything we have into fighting back. Thank you for helping, every gift you give receives a gift in return and helps empower this movement forward. This is The Road To Liberty!

Be Free,

Anthony Welti

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