Coast to Coast on The Road To Liberty

We made it!

This tour has been an amazing experience, centered on creating liberty by encouraging, empowering and inspiring others to stand boldly in the face of tyranny. We set on an amazing cross country adventure with the goal of helping libertarians fight the state, to bring new people into the movement and to create allies all across the nation that want liberty for themselves and others.

We started this trip on the 4th of July at one of the farthest North West points in the continental United states in Washington and we ended in Key West Florida, the farthest South East point of the nation. Traveling to 15 states over 5 months we logged in over 10k miles as we hosted rallies for medical freedom, stood against continued lockdowns and worked with libertarian candidates all over the nation. We spoke with people that had been fired from jobs they held for years and connected them with others in their community that could help. While walking the streets of Minniepolies we talked with people upset with how both the Democrats and Republicans had handled the poltical end of police reform after George Flyod had been murdered, ending quailfied immunity and ending the war on victimless crimes. I was able to attend two different state conventions, one in Montana and the other in Illinois. We then headed north to do candidate training in Michigan before heading south for a stop in Indiana to participate in the Libertarian Party candidate training session. It was great, I was looking to learn from the incredible Cara Shultz about running successful campaigns. Afterwards we headed south, a stop in Cincinnati with Bill Schult to host a screening of the “Unseen” an anti lockdown film. We did meet ups and worked with county chapters all the way south down into Florida, even attending a Bitcoin meetup in Miami. Each stop had a bit of a different focus and effort but all along the way we encountered more and more people wanting to take a stand for liberty, I am so encouraged by the energy and effort I see people willing to put forward. We reached a lot of new people and got them connected and connected with others that just wanted help on projects.

I want to thank a few people for their help on this project. First off, any of you that have met me at an event know how important my wife Erica is to my work. Without her literally none of this would be possible, from holding down a remote job as we travel the nation to actually rebuilding our tiny home so that we have a way to live on the road and hand making all the swag we sell. She is an amazing woman that I am blessed to call my wife and to have in my corner, a great warrior for liberty. Thank you Brittany Mcginnis, Adam Petty and Christian Christian Malazarte, 3 people that helped me behind the scenes to book, plan and advertise over 20 events. They are awesome people that love liberty and I am so thankful that they were willing to help with this project. A huge shoutout to donors like Ryan Cooper, Whitney Boatright, Tiffany Diaz De Lone, they like many others are such wonderful supporters, without you this is impossible. Thanks for trusting me and helping me, the donations to help fund this project are so valuable to so many people! I want to give a big shout out to my good friend Spike Cohen for his support in this effort and of course Tom Woods who has given me not one but two chances to promote the LP and projects I am working on on his Podcast. His platform really helped me raise money to cover a whole month's worth of work and I am honored to have his help.

All across the nation Libertarians opened their homes to us when we needed a place to stay and even more showed up to events, all of us wanting to work together to bring prosperity and liberty to as many people as possible. The Spokane Libertarians helped with a medical freedom rally in WA, Jinni Imoff hosted a candidate training session in ID, Collin Duprel and friends hosted multiple meetups in SD. Christian Varney in KY and Dave Benner in TN. a very special shoutout to some of the most important bunch on the tour, the candidates! Maya Ojalehto in WA, Nate Atkins in MN, Angela Pence in GA and of course the crew in Jacksonville Eric Parker Ronald Tracy Robison running for city council and the wonderful Martha Bueno in Miami. The primary goal was to meet and help libertarian candidates who are running for office in 2021 and 2022 and I know we did a lot of good this year and are set up for a big 2022 slate of candidates.

This tour was about all of us, retaining what little liberty we have and retaking what was stolen from us. It’s about working together to empower our efforts, amplify each other's messages and to see exponential growth in liberty as fast as humanly possible. I was happy to share the lessons I have learned from my experiences as a candidate and activist with others and learning from thiers, soaking in as much of the nation as possible and really learning and educating myself on things all over the country you can only really learn by seeing and experiencing. Thank you all for participating and helping.

This tour is over, my family and I are going to take a few weeks to rest and spend quality time together but rest assured we are not yet done fighting for liberty and we plan on helping pave The Road to Liberty with you!

From Key West, with love and liberty, happy holidays from our family to yours.

Be Free,

Anthony Erica and Uriah

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