Reflecting before a journey.

Hello from the road to liberty! I write to you today from Othello WA, a temporary waypoint to rest and work before the next big journey begins. It’s just a short 6 days before my family and I leave Washington to travel and fight for freedom all the way to Florida and it has me reflecting on how we got to this point. On September 1st 2019 My wife Erica, son Uriah and I took a giant leap of faith, changing the course of our life forever. Moving into a travel trailer, giving up most of what we own and focusing as much of our time as possible on liberty was both scary and mandatory. Let’s back up a bit first, some may not know the backstory of how we came to own the trailer that we call the Liberty Mobile. As I started my run for Washington State Insurance Commissioner I quickly realized that if I wanted to have a big impact I would need to think outside the box, especially since it was a statewide race. Knowing that I would need to do more on less and that staying at hotels weekend after weekend would be far too expensive we used some of our campaign donations to purchase a used 1999 travel trailer. We ended up spending a few months remodeling it to make it usable again(more on that soon) and we used it for a full 11 months in the 2020 campaign. Saving thousands of dollars each month on hotels I was able to use the money saved to pay for staff and marketing. I digress, as I could do a whole blog post on trailer life and how this awesome resource was obtained with the help of donors and volunteers has saved us 10’s of thousands of dollars. Fast forward to today, 734 days later we just passed a full two years living on the road, fulltime in our tiny home. While I was apprehensive at first, I must say that this has been an absolute blessing in the midst of a crazy time in American History. We hit the road, first traveling the entire state of Washington all the way north to Blaine Wa and south to Vancouver Wa. From the coast to the inland border of Idaho. For 11 months we educated people about a role in government they had know idea even existed, empowering them with knowledge to make more educated voters. We talked about free market solutions to government created problems in the insurance and healthcare fields and helped people with their problems so that liberty was gained for many. I spent time helping people see the complete and utter failure that the government is. Many of those people, 250k of them, ended up voting libertarian for the first time in their lives, beginning to want real liberty for themselves and for others. Post campaign I had the opportunity to work directly with Spike Cohen, as his Tour Manager, traveling to more than 21 states and hosting events for the 2020 Presidential Campaign from coast to coast. We hosted rallies, interviews, fundraisers and even protested in the streets of Miami after local police shut down Cuban owned bars for violating covid restrictions. We listened to person after person tell stories of how the government harmed them and I watched them learn how liberty was a solution to reducing the pain they had faced. We came together with folks caring about freedom, many getting active for the first time and with others that have been fighting for decades; both truly inspiring to witness and be a part of. I will never forget getting to serve Spike and the LP in this way, a great honor. After spending the summer with Spike and 3 years campaigning myself around Washington I came to a bit of a crossroads. Not 100% sure what my family's long term plans were but, knowing that I wanted to continue focusing my energy on fighting the state and helping others do the same. We decided to hit the west coast and headed south for the winter to AZ where I had a chance to check out the off grid homestead of Adam Kokesh and a chance to catch up with the likes of Alex Flores and Kim Ruff, networking with libertarians all over the state and attending their local events. I traveled to Nevada and hit the entire coast of California. Doing outreach and training sessions with other libertarians working to grow the libertarian party. I got to attend the Arizona and California state conventions and meet hundreds of hard working activists but none of it as motivating. As I have traveled the nation the last 18 months it was not all fun and networking. In every county I visited I saw suffering from the government. It is truly heartbreaking to see the pain in their eyes as I learned their stories. All over the nation we are seeing increased debt with more coming. Increased mental health issues with more coming. Increased homelessness with more coming and so many other issues arising as pain directly caused by the ever increasing authoritarianism in this nation.

Now, we are seeing a huge attack on individual rights regarding the injection mandates and their associated passports. Medical freedom is the fight that brought me to the Libertarian Party, it is paramount to the rights of the individual, I am compelled now more than ever before to stand up for my family. For yours. For all of us, to have peace from the violent grasp of the government aimed at peaceful people. This tour we are embarking on next week is in honor of all of us. To fight for all of us. To fight for my family. So that we can Be Free. Join me on the road to liberty. There are many, and most need repair as the road to liberty will be paved by voluntarism. Build liberty for yourself and those you care for in spite of the government. Thrive when they want us to fail. Offer help to others when it is needed. Fight like it is life or death, for some it is.

Be Free,


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