Reject Medical Mandates

The President of the United States has declared a war on peaceful American Citizens, acting as a Dictator, with his mandatory vaccine orders for 100 million people. Imposing edicts that will create massive job loss over coerced injections that will affect all walks of life and all industries. His words condemning personal choices of 100 million people, using hateful rhetoric, written with the goal of sowing division in America, are despicable. His orders violate natural human rights, they violate the constitution, the nuremberg code and must be rejected. President Biden is a tyrant who should be rebuked with the utmost vorticity, condemned as one of the worst humans alive on earth today. His orders will continue to increase as people decline to comply. What starts now as mandates on 100 million people to face job loss will eventually turn into internment camps, just like Roosevelt did to Asian Americans during the World War. Jim Crow type laws like we saw after the first civil war are the start of this, not the end. It took nearly a 100 years after the banning of slavery for Jim Crow laws to be condemend as rights violations. All through history we have examples of Dictators and Political parties gaining power and turning one tyrannical action into many, each time with massive loss of life and condoned by people in power. I reject Joe Biden and his orders. I will never comply with any medical mandates, no matter which department he sends after us. The weaponized nature of the CDC, FDA, Labor and Industry must be indomitably rebuked, condemned as evil associations of a Dictator. All federal employees of these departments must equally be condemned as evil. Following orders must not be an acceptable reason for doing one's job if it means aiding and abetting violations of human rights. These departments are tasked with engaging in war on peaceful people, make no mistake, anyone collecting a paycheck from them is an enemy of human rights.