The Journey Begins

The journey across the country is begining.

Tomorrow marks my families last day in Washington state as we embark on this life changing trip. Even though we have lived on the road full-time for over two years, this trip is different. It is so much bigger than a single political campaign or even my family's desire to move across the country. This trip is the living embodiment of doing all we can to fight for liberty for ourselves and others. I am so glad to have your support and encouragement along the way.

We are leaving Washington, not in retreat to a lost cause, but rather in advancement of the greater fight to create liberty for my family and yours in spite of authoritarian governments across the nation.

Washington is no longer a safe place to live, especially if you are not injected with pharmaceutical products. I came into the Libertarian movement because of the fight for medical freedom. The first big speech I ever gave was in front of thousands of families at the Washington state capitol where I stood boldly in favor of medical freedom. It is the place I first met many of you that are reading this today.It is only fitting that my last day in Washington we are hosting a medical freedom rally in the Tri Cities, going out how I came in. Funny enough it was not planned this way, it just happened, but as a man of faith I am certain it was by God's design. I am certain, without a shadow of doubt I am where I should be.

I am excited for the event tomorrow but I am sober in spirit,

know many people in this nation are terrified of the lockdowns and vaccine passports. I am as well. We must take ownership for our lives and we must not comply. We must help one another in any way we can as the boot of the government presses harder on our throats. Together, we can stop this before it gets completely out of hand. This tour is about many things, teaching activists how to be more involved, showing and helping libertarian candidates how to run successful campaigns and speaking out against tyrannical government/state sponsored discrimation. Bottom line it is about empowering and inspiring others to draw a line in the sand and say no more. No more will we enable or stand down while the government harms peaceful people. My family will boldly travel the nation in spite of government threats and FIGHT BACK! We must as so many lives hang in the balance. Tomorrow is the Medical Freedom Rally in the Tri Cities and then a candidate training session in Bosie Idaho, giving more people the skills and resources they need to fight back. While I will always love Washington this is goodbye.I have lived my entire life in Washington and it is a bit bitter sweet, to leave on our own terms but not without state coercion. This tour has us traveling across the nation all the way to Florida where I will have a chance to regroup after the tour so my wife and I can finally decide where we want to buy land needed to create a home with as much liberty as possible. I am looking forward to the end of the trip but it is only one part of the greater journey for liberty. In the meantime, I will help pave the road to liberty, one state and one city at a time, doing my part to help this libertarian movement see human liberty in our lifetime. I hope to see you on the road, be sure to follow the list of events and find one near you! Be Free, Anthony

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